Genre - Death

    Location - Gastonia, NC

    Members - 

    Chris "ChaosMachine" Cobb-Vocals

    Major Howell - Guitars
    Robert "Chernobog" McFarland-Guitars
    Tyler Wooten-Drums


    Cadaver Creator is good ole' fashioned, entrail ripping, brain squashing, flesh shredding, bone grinding death metal. These guys have all the basics down, and a few newer tricks that make them stand out in a field dominated these days by more melodic sounds. The vocals are raw and animalistic, the drums will beat your head into the dirt, and the guitars are frenzied and screaming. There's no frills here, just the kind of brutality I was raised on as a teen back in Tampa through the 90's. Extreme and extremely talented, Cadaver Creator is a band that I'll always look for when I want to see a good death metal show.

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